Pausefully Magazine

the online magazine about life as a creative process


All back issues of the magazine are available here. For five years, from February 2003 through the January-March 2008 issue, the magazine then known as LifeSherpa Magazine was "the online magazine about life as a creative process".


July-September 2007



- Drawing Inside the Box, a story by Sandy Kinnee

- A Man with a Very Big Heart, a tale by Marcel Duclos

- My Speech to the Graduates, by Tim Baehr

- Anna Banana, a story by Connie Robillard

- Politics and Empowerment, by Robert Levine

- Rebecca Kelly Ballet Rehearsal, a photo essay by Adrian Buckmaster

- Toward a More Perfect Union, an essay by I.J. Singh

- Caught Out, A haibun by Ray Rasmussen

- Heads of State, by Tony Schanuel


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