Pausefully Magazine

the online magazine about life as a creative process


All back issues of the magazine are available here. For five years, from February 2003 through the January-March 2008 issue, the magazine then known as LifeSherpa Magazine was "the online magazine about life as a creative process".


November 2003 contents

- On identity Re-evaluating identity and relationships, on a personal and global level, by Alex Stark

- Have you ever dug a grave? About a tree, a cat and a dog, by Tony Schanuel

- Two poems, by Reid Baer

- Where do turtles go in winter? About an October kayak ride... and how people think, by Connie Robillard

- Stress Art by Amy Hill

- Haiku and meditation Part 2, by Ray Rasmussen

- November Fever About elections, beliefs and uncertainties, by Robert Levine


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