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Excuses & empowerment

Are you too young? Or too old?
Are you married? Or not married?
Are you broke? Or is your life too comfy?

In one form or another, excuses are about avoiding risk.

Instead of doing, you go through the motions. You “make plans”. You “get organized”. You work on being ready for when the opportunity arises… But you don’t actually do what it takes to make the opportunity arise!

Now, it’s not strange to be afraid of risk. Popular wisdom says it eloquently: “Better safe than sorry”.

But have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself what you’re actually afraid of? What the risks actually are?

Listen to the inner chatter of your mind, as if it were an actual voice talking out loud:
Are you too stupid to succeed? Or too smart for your own good?
Are you too busy these days? Or too lacking in momentum?

Excuses “feel” right, so you don’t take the time to really examine them. But, when you pay attention, when you let yourself articulate what goes on in the twilight of your mind, you find that excuses are like vampires: they wither and die in the light of the day.

What’s left, underneath, is fear.

There’s nothing strange about being afraid of doing something new and different. In fact, fear need not be your enemy, it can be your ally: When you realize you’re afraid, and when you articulate your fears, you’re in a better position to do something concrete about your situation.

So let yourself dream:
What would you attempt to do
if you knew you couldn’t fail?

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