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Commitment Phobia Workbook: How To Overcome Fear Of Commitment

This book is designed for people who deal with commitment issues. It is meant for both:
- the commitment-phobe,
- and the partner of the commitment-phobe.

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This is a workbook, not an academic dissertation or a formulaic self-help book:
- It is short (49 pages).
- Instead of giving you a lot of information, it stimulates you to reflect on your situation.
- Charts and pictures help you see that there is a logical way to work through the issues, without losing touch with your feelings.
- Challenging questions help you figure out where you stand, and what to do... from the inside out.
- This book prompts you to take a proactive approach. There is space for you to write in the book, so your thoughts and feelings literally become part of it.

Typical comments from readers

"I am taken by the approach, its simplicity, its directness and invitation to be open to what is rather than what should be."

"I thought the concepts were clearly presented, well developed, and the format thoroughly engaging. The flow charts are quite an inventive device, and I liked the logical sequencing that followed after choosing one of the options."

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