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Pausefully: The power of micro pausing, moment by moment


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A pause is usually an interruption, a break, a discontinuity. So it is noticeable. But there is another kind of pause, a micro pause, that is totally integrated in the action.

This is something that happens when we touch: We slow down and sense as we approach what we want to touch. This incredible complexity of this approach becomes apparent when we try to teach robotic arms to replicate it.

This is also something we do while talking, when we're not in mindfless, "yakkety yak" mode. The small pauses are so integrated in the pattern of speech that they feel like a natural part of the speeech. The speaker may not notice them as such, and others may not notice them either. What we notice is the overall effect, the sense of this being a mindful, thoughtful, way of speaning.

The following is a 2-minute demo of what such a pause sounds like in real life.

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See also: "Pausadamente" = "Pausefully".

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